Our Range

Our stonefruit suppliers are constantly experimenting with new varieties, 
here are some of the categories we supply within our range.


Australian Suppliers 

Bangalows Best2.jpg

Bangalow Best

Bangalows Best stonefruit is grown in the region of Bangalow, near Byron Bay NSW from September through until December.

Sourtzis Fresh.jpg

Sourtzis Fresh

Sourtzis Fresh, located in South Australia, supplies a range of quality stonefruit to RWP from early November until late March. 

Southern Cross.jpg

Southern Cross Orchards

Southern Cross Orchards are located in Shepparton, Victoria and supply RWP with Plums and Apricots from December through until the end of March. 



Zest is a well-recognised brand in Australia and is known for supplying some of the best quality stone fruit in the country. Based in South Australia, Zest supplies RWP with Peaches, Nectarines and Apricots from the beginning of November through until early April. 

International Suppliers

USA Stonefruit and Cherries

In late July 2013, AQIS approved the importation of Californian Peaches and Nectarines into Australia for the first time. RWP has consequently set up an import program to extend their stone fruit season beyond Australia's with US supply.

US stonefruit is available from May to September and cherries from June to July. 

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