RWP is a premium wholesaler of fresh fruit and vegetables. Based in the Brisbane markets, we supply domestic and imported products, with an emphasis on sourcing from the best suppliers.


Domestic Sales

RWP's primary business is wholesale fruit and vegetables. Our main customer base consists of secondary wholesalers, including country orders, and independent retailers. Independent retailers form the core of RWP's customer base and we are proud to support and encourage the growth of independent grocers Australia wide. Our main lines are grapes, apples, stonefruit, citrus, berries, mangoes and vegetables, and we have a reputation of supplying high quality produce year round, supplementing domestic supply with imported lines counter-seasonally.

Export Sales

RWP works closely with a number of exporters, supplying them with product lines for worldwide distribution. Citrus is our biggest export category, with destinations including the Middle East and Asia. Our AQIS approved facilities enable us to inspect and load containers direct from our refrigerated warehouses ensuring product is kept cool and fresh.

Import Programs

We have formed relationships with some of Australia's key import agents to ensure that we have a consistent range of products available year round. Unfortunately, not all of our products can be sourced from Australian growers 12 months of the year, so we use imported products to fill in our counter-seasonal gaps. We are currently importing grapes, citrus, cherries and stonefruit. As with our Australian suppliers, we work hard to ensure we are sourcing the best varieties from the best growers. 


At RWP, we see ourselves as more than just market wholesalers. We are constantly looking for opportunities to engage with our suppliers and customers to ensure the long term growth and sustainability of the produce industry. This is why we have formed strategic partnerships with some of our best growers and investing significant capital in research for new varieties.